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Southcamper is a German-Spanish firm based in Cadiz. We purchase only new vehicles, which we exchange every two years, equipped with a high-quality and complete inventory for the perfect camping holiday. Our mission is to provide our customers with professional services throughout the motorhome experience.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Southcamper insurance

Insurance and deposit
We collect 750 Euro deposit by credit card or debit card during the handover.The rental price includes a liability insurance and comprehensive insurance of the vehicle with a deductible of 750 euros per claim. The liability insurance covers damages with a maximum amount of 50 million euros.

Lessee’s liability, insurance and excess
a) The Lessee will be liable for damages cause done to the vehicle and to third parties in the following circumstances:
- If he violates the existing traffic regulations of the country where he is driving.
- If the damage is caused by not being fit to drive (e.g., alcohol, drugs, narcotics, etc.)
- If the damage caused by the loss of keys or the leaving of the keys inside the motor home.
- If the Lessee or one of the authorized drivers flees after suffering or causing an accident
- If the damages arise from failing to comply with the duties set out in Clauses 7 and 8.
- If the damage is caused by a non-authorised driver.
- If damage is caused by failure to take the dimensions of the vehicle into account (height, width, length)
- If the damage is caused by getting the vehicle stuck in water or in areas where amounts of water can build up.
- If the vehicle is taken from the Lessee as a result of a police check

b) In the case of damages caused to third parties, and as long as covered by insurance, the Lessor will exempt the Lessee of the caused damages liability with an excess of 600€; in the event of having hired an additional insurance, the amount will be reduced to 150€, which will be paid by the Lessee. As for damages not included in damages caused to third parties, the Lessee will pay an excess of 600€; in the event of having hired an additional insurance, the amount will be 150€.

The Lessee’s limitation of liability to the excess’ amount will not apply when breaching Clauses 7 and 8, or in the event of the Lessee’s having acted maliciously or seriously neglectfully. In no case will the Lessee be exempted of public, criminal, administrative or any other liability, in the event of having acted maliciously or seriously neglectfully.

c) The Lessee is liable for all fines, fees and other extraordinary expenses in connection with the use of the motor home during the rental period, unless such expenses are incurred for reasons that are responsibility of SOUTHCAMPER. The Lessee should settle these on the spot wherever possible. The Lessor reserves the right to deduct any fees, charges, fines and penalties incurred from the deposit or to require reimbursement from the Lessee after the deposit has been refunded. An administrative fee of €35 per incident will be charged. The Lessee will also be liable for any financing costs and for the cost of any legal advice that may arise from such incidents.

Agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions implies the Lessee’s consent to the transmission of his data to government authorities in the event that these may be requested. This will also apply, for instance, to providing information to the relevant traffic department when there is reason to believe that the Lessee has committed traffic offences during the rental period. A request from a government agency is sufficient cause for Motorhome Rental Spain to provide data.

d) If there is more than one Lessee, such persons will be jointly and severally liable.

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