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Flamenco Campers

Flamenco Campers is a young family business born with an adventurous and travel-oriented spirit. We are camper lovers  and we bought our first campervan on november 2003. After many trips with a tent, we discovered the great advantages of these vehicles for traveling, going places for weekend activities or simply having a picnic in one of the many idyllic locations in Andalucía.

We want to discover you the pleasure of planning your holidays on your own and traveling in a camper to discover and enjoy special places in Andalucía. For this purpose, we offer you the knowledge we have gained during our trips throughout the years, providing you the same quality of service we would expect to receive.

We want to give you the very best so that you can enjoy the camper experience and make each day of your holiday a new, different and unforgettable adventure.

There are currently no terms and conditions for travel during this period. If your rental is during these travel dates, new terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us before booking.

Flamenco Campers insurance

Responsibility of the renter, all risk insurance

1.According to the terms of the comprehensive insurance, in the event of integral damages ,FC shall release the Customer from the responsibility of the material damages suffered by the vehicle, with an excess of SIX HUNDRED EUROS (600 €), which the customer should undertake.

2.The client, under no circumstances, shall be exempt of his/her civil, administrative, and criminal or any other kind of responsibility arising from an accident or from malicious or negligent behavior.

3.The grounds of exemption of liability provided for in paragraph 1, shall have no effect if the Client fails any of the rules indicated under clauses 7 and 8.

4.Exoneration of responsibility of Art. 1 shall not proceed if the client has willfully or negligently caused any damage.

5.Also, the customer shall respond in case of willful or negligent behavior in the following cases:

a.If the customer does not respect the driving rules and code of the country where it circulating.
b.If the damage is due to reckless driving under the effects of drugs or alcohol.
c. If the client or the driver, to whom FC has rented the vehicle, escapes in the event of an accident.
d. If the client, against the obligation established under Art. 8, does not report the police in case of an accident, except when such infringement has not influenced the verification of the reasons of damage or in the scope of that damage.
e. If the Client does not fulfill other obligations under Art. 8, except if such infringement has not influenced the verification of the reasons of damage or in the scope of that damage.
f. If the damage is due to a prohibited use under Art.7.1(Rental Terms & General Conditions).
g. If the damage is due to a breach of obligation under Art. 7.2(Rental Terms & General Conditions).
h. If damages haves been caused by a non authorized driver, to whom the customer has left the vehicle.
i. If the damages have been caused by ignoring the vehicle’s dimensions (height, width, length).
j. If the damage is due to a breach of the rules related to additional load.

6.The customer is responsible for all costs, charges, fines and penalties related with the use of the vehicle to be claimed from FC, except whether to reasons attributable to it.

7.In the case of multiple clients and / or drivers all of them will respond as joint debtors.

Lessor's responsibility

1.FC delivers the vehicle in perfect condition, having made all the checks and maintenance necessary for its proper operation. FC will not be responsible for neither mechanical failures nor malfunctions on a normal use of it, nor from the expenses and damages that the Client may have to pay or damages suffered directly or indirectly as a result of such failures or faults.

2.If due to force majeure, fortuitous reasons no attributable to FC, the vehicle can not be  delivered on the agreed date, no compensation will be given to the Client, except for the reimbursement by FC of the amounts  paid  to date in concept of rent.

3.FC assumes no responsibility over the customer´s vehicle parked, as free parking at the company premises or its environs, during the rental period of the motorhome.

4.FC will only respond to a limited extent to the foreseeable damages established in the contract, to the extent that they may violate an obligation of which compliance is important to achieve the object of the contract.

5.The "Rental Terms & General Conditions" bind both parties from the date of reservation onwards and they are an integral part of the vehicle leasing contract.
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